Making Your Own Chicken Stock

No photos for this one, but before Namon made that lovely risotto from a few posts ago, he made his own chicken stock.

Making your own stock doesn’t have to be difficult, it  just takes a little time.  Namon will show you how to carve a chicken, and then how to use what’s left to make a very rich and delicious stock that you can use in your soups, or risotto.

I promise that I will also post the risotto video so you can make your own risotto bianco!

Italian Chicken Stuff on Rice (and Quinoa)

chicken stuff

We have a video this week! You can watch Namon prepare this, and learn how to properly cut an onion.

This meal may need some adjustments…

Hello, and welcome to another Cooking with Namon!  Today, Namon wanted to take an Italian recipe and try to make it healthier. It turned out a LITTLE bland, so you have room to play with this one.  Here is Namon’s recipe:


1 Carrot

1 Stalk Celery

1 small Onion

1 Chili Pepper

2 cloves Garlic

Thyme bunch

Bay Leaf

2 Chicken Breasts

1.5 cup Chicken Stock

1 ¼ cup White Wine

Brown Rice/Quinoa Blend

Olive Oil

Salt/pepper to taste


Finely dice carrot, celery, onion, chili pepper

Dice Chicken

Cook the Rice (we used a rice cooker, but if you are using a pot start now!)

Meanwhile –

In a large pan on medium heat:

Sautee onion, celery, carrot, chili, thyme, bay leaf – sweat them well

Add chicken, cook until no pink visible.

Add wine, cook for about 30 seconds while mixing well

Add chicken stock.  Combine and simmer for ~20 minutes.  Reduce heat to low. Halfway, add salt/pepper to taste.

Serve on rice.

Optional – this recipe is really intended for adding a lot of parmesan cheese and mixing with pasta.  I recommend the cheese.  I also recommend the pasta.  But in an effort to be healthy, both were skipped and substituted with rice.  If you need additional flavor, add some siracha.

Here is the video, so you can see how Namon did everything!

Italian Chicken Stuff on Rice and Quinoa

As always, thank you for watching, and let us know what YOU did to improve upon this recipe!

Ratatouille Soup and Greek Lemon Chicken

dinner tonight

Tonight Namon is cooking two different recipes. We didn’t want to eat the chicken on rice, and we were tired of our usual side veggies, so we decided to try something different.

Tonight, on Cooking with Namon, our chef will be making Greek Lemon Chicken and Ratatouille Soup.

Like last time, I will post the recipes for both and then post a link to the video for some insider tips.

First things first, here is the link to the recipe for the Ratatouille Soup.  William-Sonoma Ratatouille Soup.

I know it looks brown, but it is DELICIOUS!  So good for you, very fresh. It is a good summer soup. 🙂 Plus a good way to eat veggies.

Next, here is a photo of the Greek Lemon Chicken recipe:

Greek Lemon Chicken

This was SUPER easy and it was SO good!  You can substitute boneless skinless chicken breast for a leaner option.

Okay, so here is the link to the video.

Cooking with Namon: Ratatouille Soup and Greek Lemon Chicken

(I’d embed the video… but I don’t know how. I can’t upload media until I start paying for a page. Working on a teacher’s budget, so… that may be a while. I hope you don’t mind links!)

Namon is getting rather good at editing these. He REALLY enjoys sharing his recipes. If you have recipes to share, plus let us know by posting them in the comments below!

Also, if you want to see more of the prep work, like how to hold a tomato while cutting it, or how to easily dice an onion, let us know in the comments and we will film that!

Y’all have been awesome! Thank you for watching! ❤