One of those days

Guess what I’m having!

I forgot to set my alarm, so I got a late start to my day. Normally this isn’t that big of a deal when Namon is out of town, but today I was planning to make a crockpot meal to celebrate his return.

I love the crockpot because usually it is very easy.

This meal was not. At least, not when you are fighting the clock because it needs six hours to cook and today was a long workout day!

Eccentric Lower, and Ab Ripper X3. 

I didn’t even shower, I just started to prep in my workout clothes!

I made a HUGE mess in the kitchen! It is pretty much covered in grease, I will have to mop, and I made a ton of dishes. I even broke a tablespoon while trying to get my honey out of the jar. This had better be the best meal ever.

We all have those days, guys! All of us! I’m gonna do my best to shake this off, clean my kitchen, and turn this day around.

If the meal turns out I will glad share my video (I look so over everything in the video, but hey!) and post the recipe.

Good luck out there! I’m gonna shower!

Becca’s Not-Quite-Jambalaya Jambalaya


Namon had to work late, so I wanted to help out by having dinner ready for him and he returned home.  I basically typed in “chicken, tomatoes, zucchini” into AllRecipes and got a lot of things I just couldn’t make, and one thing I could make IF I substituted… a lot.

Here is my healthy “Not-Quite-Jambalaya Jambalaya”!

For starters, click here for the original healthy jambalaya recipe.

I didn’t have the right kind of sausage, the shrimp, or the green peppers.

What I had, was hot sausage, spicy hungarian peppers, and hope. Here is the video to see what I did and how it turned out. Sorry for wearing jammies, it was a Sunday! Also, sorry for scolding the cat! She was clawing up the rug!

This recipe was Namon approved, even if it wasn’t “Cooking with Namon”! 🙂 I’m just happy he liked it!

Let me know what you think, if you made it, and how to improve upon it!

Happy Sunday, everyone!

Umbrian Chicken


Tonight, Namon was amazing and made three videos for me. He has to go out of town soon, so he wanted to make sure I had a few more videos to post while he is gone.  He also made a bunch of Umbrian Chicken for me to have as leftovers. 😀  I am spoiled.  Here is a photo of the recipe he used to make this:


Complete with Namon notes! This can be found originally from this website: New York Times Cooking: Umbrian Chicken

Namon never sticks to a recipe fully.  But thank you New York Times for posting such awesome recipes for free. Y’all rock!

Okay, so here is the video of Namon making this dish:

We LOVE this dish! It is amazing!

I will post the video for the risotto tomorrow, and the chicken stock recipe I’ll post on Monday!

Happy Saturday night, y’all!

Chicken and Mushrooms!


And we are back!

Sorry no post yesterday. It’s been kind of a busy week, and so we did a meal that I had already blogged about because it was easy. Steak with Leeks.  It is VERY good, and very quick.  Anyway, today we have a Chicken and Mushrooms dish served over gluten free pasta! This too is a pretty easy dish to make.  In fact, here is the video:

So, let me see if I can remember everything.

You will need:

2 Chicken thighs (or breasts, but the dark meat stays juicy)


Fresh Thyme

Fresh Oregano

Chicken stock

Dry red wine ( optional, you can use more stock)

Olive oil

Salt and Pepper

Noodles (with or without gluten)

You see the steps in the video!  This one is really all Namon. I have NO clue what he does. Tomorrow will be chicken too, and one of my favorites!  I hope you enjoyed the video, and let us know if you try the recipe, what you think, and how you would improve upon it!

Happy Friday!  I’m off to watch Riverdale (or as I call it, Dark Archie) while Namon plays Battlefield One with friends! 🙂


Heirloom Tomato Salad!


This was amazing!

Namon was out of town this evening, but he was awesome enough to make this for lunch yesterday and let me film him!  I do NOT have the recipe for this, so I may have to edit later.

Here is what I remember:

Three heirloom tomatoes

Fresh basil

Fresh oregano

Green onion

Balsamic vinegar

Sherry vinegar

Salt and pepper

You slice the tomatoes and line them up.  Namon shows you how to chop the basil and the onions.  Sprinkle everything over the tomatoes and let it all sit for a little while to warm.  Actually, here, just want the video! 🙂

I had the leftovers for part of my dinner!  If I got any of this wrong I will let you know! I hope your Monday was better than mine, it was a very Monday kind of Monday.

Homemade Gluten Free Pizza!

Screenshot 2017-08-13 18.19.13

We made homemade pizza!

We kind of cheated. We bought the crust frozen from a store. It is made by a local bakery and turned out absolutely delicious!  We DID make a video, where I roll out the dough and talk about baking gluten free.  Namon also filmed a little while we waited for the dough to rise. You can watch that video below.

I CAN share a full gluten crust recipe if you want a good one! 🙂

We DID make the sauce from scratch.  We always make our sauce ourselves.  It just tastes better.

We use:

A can of plain tomato sauce

Half a can of tomato paste

Fresh basil

Fresh oregano

Fresh thyme

Red pepper flakes

Garlic powder

Half a tsp of sugar

Salt and pepper

Below you can watch a video of how we make our pizza sauce.  It is really easy.

On the pizza we put our sauce and:

Hot Italian sausage


Smoked Mozzarella


We baked it for about 12 minutes at 400 degrees, and it was delicious!  Namon claims he still likes my crust the best.  I love this man!

Here is the site to the gluten free beer I mention: Unity Vibration 

Also, we used Yuki’s cat tower to film… she was displeased.



12 Minute Chicken Stir Fry


As promised, Namon’s quick chicken stir fry!

We actually really like this one.  We may make it a regular thing.  In the following video, I make a lot of witty (ha, yeah right) commentary. 🙂 I can’t help it, I’m a smart@$$.  I’m very lucky Namon suffers my jokes. Just a warning, I DO say… S… H… I.. T… Sorry! I’m horrible when I’m not checking myself. Like, way worse than this.  Just know, the word is in the video.

Click here to see Namon prepare and cook this meal.

Okay, once you watch the video, and hear my LOVELY puns, this is the recipe Namon made up himself and then followed.

You will need (Ingredients) :

1 -2 chicken breasts

½ large zucchini sliced

2 cloves garlic minced

Green onions minced

Assorted mushrooms sliced

¼ cup chicken stock


Cayenne pepper


In a hot pan, add rice oil.  Add garlic and zucchini.  Season with salt and cayenne pepper.  Cook until beginning to tender.  Add green onion.  Continue to cook until green onion begins to soften.  Remove contents of pan to a dish.

Add some more oil, add the chicken.  Season with salt and cayenne pepper.  Cook until you can no longer see pink.  Add mushrooms.  Once mushrooms begin to soften, add chicken stock.  Continue to cook until mushrooms are cooked through and sauce thickens.

Add vegetables pack into pan.  Heat and combine.


Again, this was wonderful!  We will be eating this more! 🙂

Thank you for watching!  We really appreciate everyone who has followed us.  Give us your feedback. How did the recipe go for you? How did you improve upon it? Let us learn from you by commenting in the comments section below.

Happy Saturday, reader!

Six Eggs Shy of a Frittata 

The beacons are lit!!!

We need more sun on these pasty bodies!

This morning was a tough one! We had MMX and Ab Ripper X3! I was drenched in sweat by the end! 

I love MMX! I feel like Black Widow, punching out the bad guys! 

Granted I look more like a skinny English teacher who thinks she looks like Black Widow, but who cares! I’m in my own living room and if Namon judges he never tells me! 😉

Perks of the weekend workout, Namon makes breakfast. 

Today he wanted to attempt a frittata. He asked, “So, it’s like scrambled eggs without being scrambled right?”

“Sure,” I said, with a LOT more confidence than I actually had. (I never had a frittata much less made one) “I think you scramble the eggs in a bowl and pour it over things in a pan?”

“Like an omelette but not folded?”

“You got it!” I assured him, and then ran away to put the living room back together.

What resulted was kind of like a tasty egg pizza? It was really thin, with zucchini, onion, spinach, tomato and four eggs. (Hence thin!)

We looked up frittata recipes afterward and discovered he was six eggs shy. 

Six eggs shy of a frittata is now our new band name, if I ever gain musical talent.

It was tasty though!

Happy Saturday, everyone!

Coming Soon…

This chicken dish was amazing!

It was a total accident, and apparently super easy.

Namon and I just had a really long week, so we weren’t going to do anything tonight with the blog. 

Once we tasted this, we realized we will need to do a video with it soon.

This is just a teaser! I promise we will post about this soon with a recipe and a video. It was really easy!

Here is Yuki to make up for no recipes!

Italian Chicken Stuff on Rice (and Quinoa)

chicken stuff

We have a video this week! You can watch Namon prepare this, and learn how to properly cut an onion.

This meal may need some adjustments…

Hello, and welcome to another Cooking with Namon!  Today, Namon wanted to take an Italian recipe and try to make it healthier. It turned out a LITTLE bland, so you have room to play with this one.  Here is Namon’s recipe:


1 Carrot

1 Stalk Celery

1 small Onion

1 Chili Pepper

2 cloves Garlic

Thyme bunch

Bay Leaf

2 Chicken Breasts

1.5 cup Chicken Stock

1 ¼ cup White Wine

Brown Rice/Quinoa Blend

Olive Oil

Salt/pepper to taste


Finely dice carrot, celery, onion, chili pepper

Dice Chicken

Cook the Rice (we used a rice cooker, but if you are using a pot start now!)

Meanwhile –

In a large pan on medium heat:

Sautee onion, celery, carrot, chili, thyme, bay leaf – sweat them well

Add chicken, cook until no pink visible.

Add wine, cook for about 30 seconds while mixing well

Add chicken stock.  Combine and simmer for ~20 minutes.  Reduce heat to low. Halfway, add salt/pepper to taste.

Serve on rice.

Optional – this recipe is really intended for adding a lot of parmesan cheese and mixing with pasta.  I recommend the cheese.  I also recommend the pasta.  But in an effort to be healthy, both were skipped and substituted with rice.  If you need additional flavor, add some siracha.

Here is the video, so you can see how Namon did everything!

Italian Chicken Stuff on Rice and Quinoa

As always, thank you for watching, and let us know what YOU did to improve upon this recipe!