No Shame in Modifying 

This morning, I felt about as weak as this kitten! We jumped back into the main workouts after a very lazy recovery week where we didn’t workout for four days.

I did three recovery workouts, but it was not enough to prepare me for Block 3 of P90X3!

We did Decelerator, which is not very well named because this workout packs a serious punch. I thought when you decelerate you slow things down, but this workout really intensifies everything and the moves are much, much, MUCH more complicated.

I had to modify everything.

Not just modify, but modify what the modifier was doing.

There is no shame in modifying, y’all. 

Modifying doesn’t mean I’m not pushing myself. I am. So are you! Modifying means that this is a move, or an entire workout routine, that I am currently struggling with. 

The struggle itself is the workout.

I won’t always have to modify for Decelerator. As my muscles build and my coordination improves, I’ll be able to do more and more. I just have to stay focused and not feel defeated that I have to modify.

Hang in there everyone! You will be surprised how quickly you grow! Just look at Yuki! She was even smaller than Mjulnir when we got her, and now she is a strong and fierce cat!

He’s Home!

Working out is so much more fun when he is here to do it with me! ❤️

Today was the Incinerator! I’ve been calling it the burninator so much that Namon went right passed the workout looking for B instead of I!

Namon is finally noticing his own gains. I was SO happy this morning and he caught a glimpse of his back muscles and could see all the payoff of his hard work.

He still refuses to take any photos until after 120 days, but it is always nice to know you are making progress.

So glad it is Friday! Even though I know I’ll be grading over the weekend. I hop you all have fun plans for the weekend!

I’m planning on spending some time with my Love! I miss him when he’s gone! ❤️

Let’s Not Say “Can’t”

I love my yoga days! Even though I still fall over sometimes when I try it.

I’ve been doing X3 Yoga since the start of the program, and I still stumble. I’m getting better! I can actually stand in Warrior 3 for awhile. I can’t quite look up in Half Cresent from there, but I also am not falling as often.

I still can’t do Crow.

No. Wait. Let’s not say can’t.

Can’t is admitting defeat, and I am not defeated, I’m just struggling.

Two months ago I was struggling with Warrior 3, and what did I say just a moment ago? Now I can.

We all struggle somewhere. Struggles just mean we are learning. We should never give up over struggles. Instead, we have to keep trying. Keep struggling. Until we are strong enough to overcome.

I struggle with many things, both fitness related and not. However, I’m going to try my best to stay positive. As cheesy as it sounds, I only fail if I stop trying.

Happy Wednesday, friends!

Getting There

Third time around with Ab Ripper X, and there is this move…

You go from banana (on your back with legs and shoulders hovering above the mat and you arms extend over your head… so you look like a slightly curved banana), and you fold up into boat (legs up, body up, balancing on your butt to be a human V, arms out in front reaching towards your ankles). You twist from side to side twice and then back down into banana.

You do this ten times.

I am awful! Just awful!

I am not a curvy banana, I am more like a carrot, straight. 

I am not a human V, I’m a division sign, knees bent.

Kills me every time.

I’m gonna master this move. I am not going to let it defeat me! As Tony Horton says, “Don’t say you can’t, say you are currently struggling with.”  

Oh am I ever! But I’ll get this. I’m getting there. 

Eccentric Lower today. I think, think mind you, that I’m better with lower than upper, but it is close. I am SO gonna feel this workout in my butt tomorrow. I suppose that’s the point, right?

Anyway, I am in need of some serious coffee, and then I have to get started on some water because my fitness group on Facebook is doing a water challenge and I don’t want to fall behind.

I hope you had a good morning! Are you a morning exercise person or an evening person? Tell me in the comments below! Also, what are you currently struggling with? Let’s encourage each other!

Practice Makes… Okay for now

Oh practice, why do you take so long?

I’m playing around with my iPad pencil (a gift from the unrecognizable man above, Namon). I used to sketch a lot, but I’ll be honest, I haven’t touch pencil to paper since probably 2001!

Yeah, lets just say I’m out of practice!

Namon got me an iPad and a pencil for Christmas, because he knew I wanted to start back up and try drawing again.

The closeup almost looks like something that could be Namon (gaming and unaware of my attempt).

Here is the awful full shot. (I’m cringing!)

What is that?!! 

He looks like an alien attempting to be a person!

I’m going to have to take the advice I got from Adventure Time here. 


Thank you, Adventure Time, I will take this advice! 

I will continue to suck at this for awhile and I hope some day maybe I’ll be kinda good!

How is your evening going, oh reader?