He’s Home!

Working out is so much more fun when he is here to do it with me! ❤️

Today was the Incinerator! I’ve been calling it the burninator so much that Namon went right passed the workout looking for B instead of I!

Namon is finally noticing his own gains. I was SO happy this morning and he caught a glimpse of his back muscles and could see all the payoff of his hard work.

He still refuses to take any photos until after 120 days, but it is always nice to know you are making progress.

So glad it is Friday! Even though I know I’ll be grading over the weekend. I hop you all have fun plans for the weekend!

I’m planning on spending some time with my Love! I miss him when he’s gone! ❤️

When You Haven’t Had Your Coffee!

To preface this, Namon and I were up late, so getting up this morning was not easy and I was only two sips into my coffee.

Anyway! I wanted to take a photo to show Namon how ripped he is getting because he never sees it, but to get his attention to look up I made the noise I make to get Yuki’s attention. Yuki, our cat.

That look on his face is the what the F look! 🤣🤣🤣

Today was Incinerator! My little collection of weights includes 3lbs, 5lbs, 10lbs and 15lbs. I should have probably grabbed an 8lb set instead of 15s! I can’t do 15lbs yet, and 5lbs has gotten too easy, but some times to do a full set of ten reps I need something a little lighter than a 10.  

My arms are exhausted! I also have to do some push-ups later… 😳 so right now I’m drinking plenty of Recover and reading through Facebook feeds. 
Namon showed me the photo from my back on day one. I’ve come a long way. Keep in mind, sometimes we can’t see all the progress we’ve made, but others can.

It FRIDAY, y’all!!! We made it! 

Knot Bad

I couldn’t waste a good pun! 😉

I have never been one to have back tension. I don’t think I’m that chill, I think I just never really had a whole lot of muscle back there to tense.

All of this has changed!

Pardon me while I again wax poetic about the awesomeness of P90X3!

This routine is killer, and it works out everything! While I have been all focused on abs, I had no clue just how much I’ve been working out my back too. This is why I am no good at the gym. I focus too much on one muscle group and forget that I have to work everything out so that my new muscles don’t pull the rest of me out of place.

Ever see those guys at the gym who are hunched forward like gorillas? That’s because they are so focused on beefing up their arms and chest, they forget to work out shoulders and back. Those chest muscles pull everything forward and next thing you know you have back problems in your 30s.

Speaking of back problems, there is ONE move in the Incinerator routine that sticks a knot just below my right shoulder, every time. 😑 

My first back knot ever! At least I earned it!

Now to find some coffee and the portable tens unit! 

Think I’m joking about having electronic stim in my home? Check out the photo below! 

I hope you have a lovely Friday! ❤️

The Burninator


Wow, this was a tough morning to wake up!  I had no clue Yuki, my fuzzy feline partner in crime, was so terrified of thunderstorms.  I rolled over in my sleep to a mouthful of fur.  She was cuddled around my head shaking.  I rolled to my side and made a little tent for her beneath the covers and she curled up and calmed down, but then I was awake!

All this to say the 5am workout became the 7am workout!

P90X3 Incinerator.

Or as I like to call it, the Burninator!  … wait, you have seen Trogdor, right?  Right? Okay, if not, this must be corrected now!  Go check out this awesomeness of my high school nostalgia! 

Yes, yes, all morning and I was walking around the house singing, “Trogdor!!!!! Trogdor!!!!”  It’s amazing Namon puts up with me.  I even had a little lesson, so his cries of “Trogdor!!!” were correct.

Namon, in a deep voice: “Trogdor!”

Me: “No, honey, think 80’s hair band.”

Namon, much higher: ” Trogdor!!!”

Yes! He got it! He then shook his head, said something about me being insane, and got out the giant workout mats.

The Burninator was true to its newly formed name. It burninated my muscles completely!  I’m not even using heavy weights! At one point I was literally using little 3lb weights and grunting with each move.  The highest I did was 10lbs.

Also, I still can’t get passed five pull-ups, even with the assist band.  Pull-ups are my white whale.

Anyway, it was a good workout!  I used Energize instead of C4, and felt awake without the weird mystical tingling and burning ears I would get with C4.  All in all, it was a huge improvement.

Oh, I hear the sweet siren calls of a finished coffeepot!!!  Oh delicious nectar of the gods, I am going to drink you up!

To close, I am going to share a photo of me trying to lift the hammer of Thor.

… maybe it was a 15lb weight that I couldn’t lift off the ground with one hand.  Hey, we all start where we start!  I just have a lot of room to grow! 🙂

Happy Friday, everyone!

hammar of thor