Still Around and Working Out!

Hey! Long time no see!

I know, I know, that’s my fault. The semester picked up and I’ve been traveling, or hosting traveling guests. It’s been busy! I promise, I have not forgotten you and I will get right back to blogging very soon.

I now have SO much stuff to share! Namon and I even got a GoPro, so our videos will hopefully be better. 

I’m checking in to update a bit about my person workout journey. Feel free to write and let me know about yours! If you give me permission, I can even celebrate you here with a post!

I am in week 3, of month 3, of P90X3! I can’t believe I have actually stuck with it this long! I’m seeing SO many gains from sticking with a regular workout routine, it’s been amazing!  For example, when I do The Challenge now, which is all push-ups and pull-ups, I end up doing over 90 push-ups throughout the routine!?!  I never thought I’d be able to do that many!

Today was Agility X and Ab Ripper X3.  I am slowly but surely finding more and more definition around my abs. I don’t have a six pack yet, but now having one doesn’t seem so impossible.  Even better, I can see so much improvement in how I did with Agility X now vs my first week with the program.  

We are going to do the elite block, so I have one more month with X3.  At the end I will take my 120 day photo and show before and after.

I’m hooked. Even after I finish P90X3, I’m going to have to have a daily routine. It’s been wonderful to have so much more energy and strength. Not to mention, my resting heart rate is now consistently at a healthy range. I went from a resting rate of 90 to 67!  This, for me, is the biggest gain ever. 

Maybe I’ll even have abs by the time I’m done! If not, I still have some pretty awesome arms!

Chicken Curry, tonight on Cooking with Namon


I LOVE curry!  I love all things spicy really. This was an amazing chicken curry, all done at home and all done by Namon. 😉  Now, I claim this was not an easy meal, but Namon swears it is.


This was another New York Times recipes.  Check out New York Times Cooking! They have some amazing recipes!

You will need:

Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs

2 tbsp unsalted butter

2 cinnamon sticks

2 large onions diced

1 two inch chunk ginger peeled and finely diced

6 cloves garlic peeled and crushed

2 chili peppers seeded, halved, and cut into half moons


3/4 cup pureed tomatos

2 tbsp tomato paste

1.5 tsp ground cumin

1/2 tsp ground tumeric

3 tbsp plain yogurt

1 3/4 lb boneless skinless chicken thighs cut into 1 inch chunks

1 tsp garam masala

cayenne pepper to taste

Step 1: melt butter in dutch oven on medium heat, add 1 tsp cumin and cinnamon sticks.  Cook until fragrant.  Add onions and cook until brown.

Step 2: Brown chicken

Step 3:Ttake ginger, garlic, and chili peppers, and mush them all together in a mortar, or dice very fine.  Add to onions. After those become fragrant, add tomato puree, tomato paste, ground cumin, ground tumeric, and some salt.  stir to combine.

Step 4: add yogurt.  Add chicken.  put heat to low, cover, and simmer for ~15 minutes.  Add garam masala and cayanne, cover and cook another 5 minutes.

Serve on rice or noodles, and with a side of yogurt.

Here, you can watch the video and see how it all goes:

Thanks for watching! Let us know if you try it! How did it go? How would you change it?

… you just get stronger.

We’ve all heard that saying, “It doesn’t get easier, you just get stronger.”  I always assumed that at some point exercise would at least FEEL easier. I’m learning that “easy” is not the point of exercise.

Today was nothing new, Eccentric Lower and Ab Ripper X3, and it felt just as hard and I was just as tired and just as sweaty as ever. 

However, I finally noticed something. I noticed that I wasn’t as sloppy with the motions. Instead of stumbling and falling and tapping my toes to the ground, which I did do a little bit mostly, mostly I was going through the movements smoothly. I was squatting lower, reaching further, and tapping less. 

Even with the pistol squats which I abhor!

During Ab Ripper, I was keeping up, holding my positions, finishing every rep. I didn’t collapse halfway through a move. I did every rep. I didn’t pause. I didn’t skip. I hung in there until the end.

When did I start doing this? Somehow this happened while I was too distracted looking for a hint of abs!

Nothing got easier. It doesn’t really even FEEL easier, but I have definitely gotten stronger.

Hang in there everyone! Happy weekend! 

And Floridians, stay safe! You are in my prayers. Already donating to Team Rubicon so they can help with relief.  I’ll write a post about them if anyone is interested. It is important to know who you are donating to and how your money is being used. I want all of mine to go to those in need! Stay safe everyone!

NOT the Morning I Was Hoping For

Don’t let the bow tie fool you. This kitten is filled with mayhem… and an abundance of bodily fluid he decided to distribute all over my bathroom floor. 😣

This morning did not go as planned!

For starters, we got to bed late so when the 5am alarm went off, neither of us were willing to get up and workout. We promised we would do it tonight. …

Then, when I did get up, I left the lovely lavender scents of my bedroom and opened the door to smell cat urine.

The whole apartment! The entire apartment smelled like a cat box!

I clean the two litter boxes every day, so this was just baffling. Before my workout I decided I have to clean the bathroom where the cat boxes live.

I vacuumed everything, cleaned the boxes, and when I picked up the corner of the rubber mat that was placed under the boxes to catch litter, it peel back with a wet, slimy, smacking sound.

Beneath, the floor was covered in cat pee.

I. Was. Horrified.

Apparently, Mjulnir believed that the rubber mat was there to use as an ulternative to the litter boxes.

That was when I went into full sanitation mode.

I Hulked out and took that entire room apart. Swabbed deck with disinfectant. Cleaned the mat, the floor, the walls, EVERYTHING.

I then soaked the mat in Pet Fabreze so the little guy won’t smell a trace of urine.

I was ready to kill this kitten! This was a VERY disgusting job!

I then did the workout scheduled for today to kind of blow off some steam. Triometrics and Ab Ripper X3.

Then, I cleaned this house from top to bottom! Everything was scrubbed! Everything!

By the time I was finished morning was gone, but my house smells clean and I don’t feel I am living in flithe.


Mjulnir is lucky he is cute.

Hope you are having a better Thursday!


10 Minute Steak Tacos


This is a meal that ANYONE can make!  It takes less than 10 minutes (the video is longer due to the intro) and it is delicious!

This is a really easy steak taco, and it is wonderful if you’ve had a late night, you want to eat healthy and not succumb to the siren call of fast food.  Namon was running late tonight, so he decided to borrow of the concepts of Jamie Oliver (check out his cookbooks and youtube videos, he is awesome!!!) and make a quick, and delicious dinner.

You will need:

Steak – we had two little sirloins

Wraps – ours were gluten free tortillas

Tomatoes – one, we used two but that was too much

Chilli pepper – JUST one, unless you like the burn (we like the burn)

Red Onion – Half… I would have used less… I hate fresh onion

Green onion, 1-2 depending

Olive Oil

Juice of one lemon


More olive oil

Salt, pepper, garlic powder, smoked paprika

Sour cream

Hummus (optional –  we had some cilantro flavored hummus and it was delish)


Season the steak with salt, pepper, garlic powder, and smoked paprika

Sear on medium high heat with some oil for 3 minutes each side

Chop up your tomato, chili, red onion, green onion, and cilantro.  Place in bowl, season with salt and pepper, add olive oil and juice from lemon.  Mix.

If you want, you can heat your tortillas (grill them, microwave them, depending)

Slice steak

Build your taco with the tortilla, sour cream, hummus, steak, and salsa mix.  Add more paprika, salt, and pepper, to taste.  Eat.

Then spend another ten minutes cleaning everything up (20 if you cook like Namon – still faster than going out to eat or ordering in).

Here is the video so you can see, in real time, how Namon prepared everything.

Guys, this was delicious!  I, personally, could have had less fresh onion, but that is personal preference. 😉

I hope you try this!!! It really was as easy as it looked! If you make changes let us know, we are always looking to improve upon recipes and are open to suggestions!


Chicken with Green Olives and Seasoned Rice


This dish was very flavorful!  It has some wonderful flavors and while the cooking was easy the seasonings make it very impressive.

Namon found the recipe through New York Times Cooking, which can be found here: New York Times Cooking

He majorly modified the recipe, so here is a screenshot of the recipe with all of his notes:


And of course you can watch our Sunday (I know it’s Monday, but we filmed it last night) episode of Cooking with Namon to hear all of his tips.

As always, let us know what you think and if you tried it and what changes you would make to improve the recipe!

Thanks for watching, everyone!

No Shame in Modifying 

This morning, I felt about as weak as this kitten! We jumped back into the main workouts after a very lazy recovery week where we didn’t workout for four days.

I did three recovery workouts, but it was not enough to prepare me for Block 3 of P90X3!

We did Decelerator, which is not very well named because this workout packs a serious punch. I thought when you decelerate you slow things down, but this workout really intensifies everything and the moves are much, much, MUCH more complicated.

I had to modify everything.

Not just modify, but modify what the modifier was doing.

There is no shame in modifying, y’all. 

Modifying doesn’t mean I’m not pushing myself. I am. So are you! Modifying means that this is a move, or an entire workout routine, that I am currently struggling with. 

The struggle itself is the workout.

I won’t always have to modify for Decelerator. As my muscles build and my coordination improves, I’ll be able to do more and more. I just have to stay focused and not feel defeated that I have to modify.

Hang in there everyone! You will be surprised how quickly you grow! Just look at Yuki! She was even smaller than Mjulnir when we got her, and now she is a strong and fierce cat!

Hatch Green Chili Stew


We are back! And Namon has made an amazing meal.  Hatch green chili stew. This is a dish that would work with any meat. We did pork, but you could easily substitute beef or chicken.

This recipe is courtesy of William Sonoma. Here is the recipe from their site: Hatch Green Chili Stew

and here is our video of us making it:

This was a VERY spicy but very good stew! I hope you all enjoy!

Also, please let me know what a petard is!

If you would do anything differently let us know in the comments!  It is good to be back!

There is Never a Lessor Weevil

My husband is my hero!

While he was gone, I decided to clean out the cabinets only to discover a massive weevil infestation!

They were everywhere!

I freaked… like big time, and threw out everything that was opened. Everything.

I even discovered the little buggers in bags of noodles that had appeared sealed!

Weevils also apparently love gluten free orzo because that was the one bag I thought was sealed and didn’t toss. I found them today.

Anyway, when Namon called that night and I told him my weevil horror story he first made the obvious lessor of two weevils joke and then got online and ordered me a kitchen cabinet organizer set so this will never happen again.

I have never been so happen to get a massive shipment of empty bins in my entire life.

Being gluten free (by nature not by choice, I love bread to an unreasonable extent… it is an unrequited love I fear) means I have to have an unusual variety of flours in the house at all times. 

Seriously, at all times. You never know when the baking muse will strike!

They were, pre-weevils, in bags tied down with rubber bands. Now, however, my plethora of flours all have their own bins, and I even have washable chalk markers to handwrite what they are on the sides!

It feels good to be organized and weevil free.

Never settle, folks, cause there is no such thing as a lessor weevil!

Beef with Beets Borscht


This turned out wonderful!  Namon agreed, I wouldn’t have posted otherwise.  We were already in jammies so Namon didn’t make an approval appearance, but he really liked it. 🙂  Which is good, since this meal was celebrating his return home!  I miss him when he is away.

Anyway, for this rather hearty meal you will need:

Chuck roast – about 1 1/2 lbs

2 large carrots

4 medium beets (I used five small ones)

1 onion

4 cloves of garlic

3 cups of broth – I had to use chicken cause we didn’t have beef

6 slices of thick bacon

I used about 1 tablespoon of dry dill (the recipe called for 6 sprigs fresh)

2 bay leaves

3 tablespoons honey (I used raw)

3 tablespoons red wine vinegar

3 cups of cabbage (I measured, Namon laughed!)

And here is the video!

We may improve upon this recipe soon!  Namon has some ideas.  He still really liked it just as it is, but I LOVE that he is always able to change things up and make them better. Me, I’m a recipe girl through and through. 😉  And that’s okay!

Let us know what you think, and how you would improve the recipe!