Getting Back on the Horse

Well I’m back!

Namon and I had a family thing in Indiana, and once there I really didn’t have much time for posting… or exercise. 😣

I was totally off the wagon, and ate some deliciously awful things for me! Fries, burgers, and in my special case some amazing full gluten bread that ruined two full days for me and still has my gut twisted up. 

Bread, why won’t you let me love you?

When you fall off the workout wagon it is extra hard to climb back on. You know that it is gonna hurt, and you’ve tasted the sweet life of Netflix and pizza. This is when you need to grit your teeth and push yourself.

The day after we got home I went right back to P90X3.

Thankfully the four days I missed were recovery days, so mostly stretching and light cardio.

Yesterday was Isometrics (which felt so impossible when the week before it felt easy) and today was Dynamics which went better.

At least, once you started a habit, getting back into it doesn’t take as long as it did when you first began.

It was wonderful to see family and pick up Mjulnir, the newest fur baby, but it was also good to get back to my routine.

Hang in there folks! And know that you can always get back on the wagon after a fall. It happens to all of us!

Here is Mjulnir, after his first vet visit, poor baby!

A Day of Rest… and a Run

Getting kitty kisses as I stretch out!

Sunday is usually my rest day. Everyone needs to rest, and in my humble opinion that was why Sunday’s were invented.

Sometimes, however, a quick solo run IS part of that rest. 

My run time is when I can just zone out. I listen to pop music, bounce to the mindless sugarcoated lyrics, and focus on breating in and out. It’s kind of zen for me. Even with Britney singing in my ears that I better work.

I mentioned before that my resting heart rate was really high before exercise. It has since dropped down to a human level instead of a small woodland critter, but I know that is because I work it out a little each day. After my run I feel calm and my heart relaxes into a quiet rhythm. 

The whole point of this post is to say you have to rest, but rest has to be your own definition. My morning run was two miles in 30 minutes, so more like a slow jog, with much walking before and after. Maybe your rest is doing a home project you’ve been meaning to finish, or reading that novel that’s been sitting by your bed the last month, or even taking the kids to the park and playing frisbee. 

Whatever you think of as rest, give yourself time to DO it! Part of taking care of yourself is giving yourself time for peace!

Happy Sunday, everyone! I’m off for a motorcycle ride with my man!

Sometimes, You Gotta Eat Cake

Today was Coast Guard Day!

Did I mentioned my husband is in the Coast Guard?  Well, he is, and because today was Coast Guard Day we had to attend the Coast Guard picnic.

I say “had to” as if it were something forced upon us, but trust me it wasn’t.  I was excited to meet everyone I hear Namon talk about at the end of the day.  I was also excited to meet other Coastie wives, because we JUST moved up to Buffalo and I have NO friends up here.  Working from home will be great come winter, but right now it just means that I’m really bonding with my cat.  I’m like a warg!  Well, no, because I never embody my cat.  I guess she is more like my familiar… anyway, too much time at home without friends is not healthy!

The picnic was fun, and I did meet a lot of very nice people. I also may have had a very lovely strawberry cake.  Not the whole, like a piece. With copious amounts of frosting.

I love frosting.

I am confessing this because I am on this fitness journey and part of the journey is eating in a healthy way.  I believe eating healthy sometimes means you eat the cake.

What I mean is, if I never allowed myself to have a cheat day and enjoy, with moderation, foods the I enjoy, I am not going to stick to my diet.  I’ll break.  I’ll break from being so restrictive with myself that I stop enjoying the simple pleasures, like a piece of strawberry cake.  The rest of the food was absolutely delicious, and really not horrible for me. There was a shrimp boil, so I had some shrimp (not as good as in New Orleans… I miss NOLA food), a small sampling of potato salad, a veggie kabob and a small corn on the cob.  Nothing crazy, still delicious.

Then the cake arrived.

I know, because this sucker was full gluten, that I will pay for my choice.  Right now, I regret nothing.

I struggled for a minute and then realized, this is why I take care of myself. I eat right, I exercise, and I take care of myself so that when I am offered a piece of cake I can eat it guilt free because I know I will go right back to my routine afterward.

I don’t know, sometimes you just have to eat the cake.

Hang in there, guys, and be good to yourselves!

kitty kiss