Beef with Beets Borscht


This turned out wonderful!  Namon agreed, I wouldn’t have posted otherwise.  We were already in jammies so Namon didn’t make an approval appearance, but he really liked it. 🙂  Which is good, since this meal was celebrating his return home!  I miss him when he is away.

Anyway, for this rather hearty meal you will need:

Chuck roast – about 1 1/2 lbs

2 large carrots

4 medium beets (I used five small ones)

1 onion

4 cloves of garlic

3 cups of broth – I had to use chicken cause we didn’t have beef

6 slices of thick bacon

I used about 1 tablespoon of dry dill (the recipe called for 6 sprigs fresh)

2 bay leaves

3 tablespoons honey (I used raw)

3 tablespoons red wine vinegar

3 cups of cabbage (I measured, Namon laughed!)

And here is the video!

We may improve upon this recipe soon!  Namon has some ideas.  He still really liked it just as it is, but I LOVE that he is always able to change things up and make them better. Me, I’m a recipe girl through and through. 😉  And that’s okay!

Let us know what you think, and how you would improve the recipe!


One of those days

Guess what I’m having!

I forgot to set my alarm, so I got a late start to my day. Normally this isn’t that big of a deal when Namon is out of town, but today I was planning to make a crockpot meal to celebrate his return.

I love the crockpot because usually it is very easy.

This meal was not. At least, not when you are fighting the clock because it needs six hours to cook and today was a long workout day!

Eccentric Lower, and Ab Ripper X3. 

I didn’t even shower, I just started to prep in my workout clothes!

I made a HUGE mess in the kitchen! It is pretty much covered in grease, I will have to mop, and I made a ton of dishes. I even broke a tablespoon while trying to get my honey out of the jar. This had better be the best meal ever.

We all have those days, guys! All of us! I’m gonna do my best to shake this off, clean my kitchen, and turn this day around.

If the meal turns out I will glad share my video (I look so over everything in the video, but hey!) and post the recipe.

Good luck out there! I’m gonna shower!

Casual Cooking with Namon


I lovingly call this “fridge stir fry” because this is one of those meals where you look at what you have in the fridge that needs to be used, and you put it together in a stir fry.

Sometimes we serve it over a mix of brown rice and red quinoa, sometimes we eat it as just the meat and veggies.

Tonight was a meat and veggies night.

I wanted red meat.  I know, I know, it isn’t always the leanest, or healthiest, but maybe I really needed the iron or something. Starting with the meat, we checked to see what veggies we had.

There was some deliberation, because we have quite a few veggies, but not all flavors blend well. Keep that in mind.

Because we needed, very badly, to use the bell peppers that night or lose them forever, we tried to match what would go with bell peppers.

We had baby bok choy (because THAT is something you always have on hand?!) and spicy Hungarian peppers.  Again, I have no clue why we have such random things, that was just what we had!

We use rice bran oil when we stir fry (I say “we” like I’m cooking too!), because it has a high burn temperature, which means it takes a LOT of heat to burn this oil.  Also, it is filled with good cholesterol and healthy fats. It’s kinda awesome, you should research it.

For the rest of the cooking steps check out our very short, rather unplanned video here:

Casual Cooking With Namon!

I was GOING to cook last night, but ended up engrossed in creating a lesson about how literature reflects the time and society in which it was written, and then how societies can be influenced by literature. It ended up taking way longer than expected, so when Namon got home he offered to cook because for him it is very zen.  Have I mentioned how lucky I am?