What is this randomness?

Well, this started out as a fitness blog. I had just started Beachbody and wanted a place to post my results and keep me motivated. It was working too! Then life happened. I had a miscarriage, then a rainbow baby, then we moved. That doesn’t mean I stopped working out. I’m still at it. It just means that I had less time to write about it.

Raising a kid makes you reconsider your priorities. Physical health is important, but so is spiritual health. Knowing my son is watching my every move has made me suddenly aware of my own behavior. Nothing like a baby to make you feel totally helpless!

What does this mean for this blog? Well, it’s still a about health, only that definition has expanded to include my Christian walk as well. This blog is about me trying to get fit and eat healthier; it’s also about me getting back into my Bible and seeking God’s help I raising my son to be a kind man who loves God.  Will it be geeky?  Uh, did the Millennium Falcon make the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsec?

I’m not in superhero form yet, but Batgirl had to start somewhere.